Wednesday 16 August 2017

More troops reporting to barracks

My crusade through the backlog of painted but not yet based figures continues and this morning I completed some more units for the French Revolutionary War project. The cavalry all need flags of course.

First we have a regiment of Saxon Cheveaulegers. The figures are from Casting Room Miniature's 1806 range but they will do nicely for the late 18th century too.

Next, and definitely for the War of the 1st Coalition in Flanders, a composite Household Cavalry regiment made up of a squadron each of the Life Guards and Horse Guards. I know the latter served in Flanders (and were even issued breastplates!) but I don't think the Life Guards did. Nevertheless, I thought they'd look good on the table. The figures are by Front Rank.
 Another British unit, the 15th Light Dragoons. Front Rank figures again.

Finally I've managed to get my Austrian grenadiers based up. There are two battalions, the one on the right are Eureka and those on the left are weedy Foundry figures. I quite like the way they look although whether they'll be any good on the table is another matter.

Now all I've got to do is finish off some limbers and guns for the English, French, Austrians and Russians.


  1. You continue to deploy troops at a rapid rate! All look terrific. Saxons in their red coats are splendid as are all of your Front Rank cav.

  2. Great looking figures, Saxon Cheveaulegers are really impressive!

  3. All lovely examples of the wargamerly art. And speaking of which, one cannot go wrong with the colorful Saxons.

    Best Regards,


  4. Well what a busy man , not just basing but 4 blogs in a week! All those heavy horse in their sideways bicornes look magnificent, well done.
    Chris G

  5. Thanks Chris. I have my mojo this week, and very often I don't feel up to painting, basing or blogging. Also, I'm driven by the idea of reaching 400 posts by the end of the month. I think I'm on 396 now.

    1. Targets and goals - sounds like you are back in the Civil Service!

    2. aaargh no! you're giving me nightmares!

  6. Very nice figures - I have not heard of the Casting Room so will check them out - Front Rank have been one of my favourite manufacturers for twenty plus years..hope you manage to meet or exceed your KPI's on the blogging front!

  7. I am glad this isn't a contest you know! Very impressive basing outcomes! Hope you reach the Blog total.