Monday 21 August 2017

The Other Partizan 2017, part 2

As promised, the second batch of photos from today's show (Ed. by the time I finished this post it was yesterday's show). These are in, as they say on the tv, in no particular order (of merit that is). I will let the pictures do the talking...

This and the following six photos are of a very nicely done 1690s game set, I presume, in Ireland put on by the Derby Club. I liked it, especially the green windmill. I've got that 'sconce' model.

Steve Jones put on another of his splendid American Revolution games. I like what he's done with his collection so much that I might just sell mine and start again, as my troops are rather dull by comparison. Seriously, I won't do that but mine do need livening up colour-wise. 

Dave Docherty again put on one his vast Sudan games using IIRC Peter Gilder's old set of rules. I would love to build a hot air balloon for my French Revolution collection. The mat is from Tiny Battlemats and is a hybrid 'arid' and 'desert' cloth. I've seen Dave's Sudan games a few times and there's always something new, or that particularly draws the eye.

The Like a Stone Wall guys staged a massive Napoleonic game of one part of the Battle of Borodino (Storming Uititsa or something like that). Again, a big well presented 28mm game.

Phil Olley presented a colourful 28mm Seven Years War game, Prussians v French. Beautifully painted figures with lots of interesting bit of ephemera and vignettes.  

I think thats enough for Part 2. Part 3, with the rest of the photos and comments on the show will follow shortly.


  1. Great pics. I especially like the Borodino game.

  2. Thanks for sharing.
    Anyone know the producer of the civilians in picture 3?
    They are smashing.