Tuesday 22 August 2017

The Other Partizan 2017, part 3. 400 today!

This the final part of my Other Partizan 2017 trilogy. It is also my 400th post!!!!!

If any games have been omitted it's not because I didn't like them but because I either didn't see them, couldn't get near them or my photos were crap. Case in point being the game awarded Best Participation Game which I missed completely!

Congo! Is that a green eyed God?
Congo. Is that a green eyed God?
Some nice Russian Civil War action.

Fire and Plunder (?) pirate game. I like the ships.

Simon Miller's Battle of Leuctra (?) in 28mm. The Hoplites were very impressive. 

A Very British Civil War, complete with trains and Morris Dancers

North Star (I think) put on this Death in the Dark Continent Game , "The Great Zimbabwe" 

 Overall, this was an excellent show, and as far as the quality of the games were concerned the bar has again risen. Indeed, based upon my experiences of Salute I would say that as showcase wargames events both Partizans beat it by a country mile. It didn't seem as busy as the May event but it was still comfortably bustling enough for me to run over a few toes with my walker as I trundled around forcing money into traders' hands for stuff I didn't really need and wasn't on the shopping list!

The best part of the day was catching up with and chatting with seemingly dozens of friends and acquaintances, as well as making a point to meet people I'd only ever previously communicated with via Facebook such as Steve Langan and Nick Buxey. Actually, THE best part was when Steve told me that his day was made by meeting "the legend that is Colin Ashton". HONEST! A man of great taste clearly!


  1. Enjoyed this series of posts Colin, thanks! Well Done on reaching 400 not out!

  2. What a truly great series of photos from the show, there are some of the best games there that I've ever seen and if there were any sci-fi or fantasy there too thanks for not showing them.

    1. thansk Joe. I dont even remember seeing any sci/can't and wouldn't have photos them if I had.