Thursday 10 August 2017

Basing frenzy continues....

A couple more units finally got flocked and tufted this week. French Revolutionary War stuff of course (cos that's my thing at the moment, well this week anyway).
First up is the second half of my Austrian hussar regiment No 2 Erzherzog Josef, recruited from Elite Miniatures collectors range figures. I really like Elite figures but I know they are very much a 'marmite' thing. Well I like marmite. Here is the whole regiment.

Next, and Elite Miniatures again is the 2nd Regiment of the Legion de Rohan Hussars, one of the more effective emigre regiments, in the service of Austria. A simple yet colourful uniform, especially as the riders are wearing their pelise.
 Both the units were painted for my quite some time ago by my mate Shaun Bryant. To be honest, I'd pay anyone to stick on the separate reigns and sabretaches/scabbards/carbines. Aargh!

I am about to start basing some more Eureka FRW figures so with a bit of luck I should be able to post some photos tomorrow.


  1. Basing frenzy indeed. I've finished and based 10 ACW Union cavalry in the meantime. Look forward to seeing the Eureka figures in due course.

  2. always great to see your figures Colin, I am green with envy!

  3. These little toys reminds the legends of "French Revolutionary Wars".Very engaging and moving post.Keep doing such great work.Thanks for sharing.