Sunday 20 August 2017

The Other Partizan 2017, part 1

I'm just back from The Other Partizan and I have to say it was even better than the May event. I took almost 100 photos of the games so am going to split my report into two or maybe three posts. I'll leave my thoughts re the show until the end. So, hold on to your hats and here we go.....

This was an exquisite Peninsular War game in 40mm by my mate Ian Smith and his friends. The figures were breathtakingly good and the terrain and buildings (many built by another friend Stuart Hitchinson) looked awesome. The guys won Best Demonstration game.

David Imrie laid on an eye watering display of the Battle of Crecy. The amount of detail on the French knights was exceptional. I think the game ran true to history with an English victory. This game deservedly won the award for Best in the Show, although I wouldn't  be surprised if the 40mm Napoleonic game was very close behind!

My old club the Durham Wargames Group laid on a splendid American Civil War game set in the Shenandoah Valley in 1862, with General 'Stonewall' Jackson advancing to attack the Federals at the Battle of (I think) Front Royal....or it might have been Port Republic. Anyway I thought it looked good and I liked the Rubic's Cube arrangement with the wheat fields!

End of Part 1... more to follow later.


  1. Colin,

    Thanks for sharing those games look fantastic.


  2. Thanks for posting Colin. Ian's 40mms look amazing. I had planned to travel down to the show, but the logistics from Inverness were just too complicated.
    Regret not going now

  3. Great pics, thanks for sharing!

  4. Colin, Some great photos.
    Ian's 40mm Napoleonic collection would take some beating.....Wonderful.
    The Crecy collection is to me a visual treat. Not my
    thing but a collection I would buy more cabinets for!
    The Durham Group set-up is superb. Lovely table-setting. Reminds me of the great Gilder ACW games.

    Looks like 1-2-3 show demonstration games.

  5. What great photos Colin. Really some amazing looking games on show and I really think that Partizan is the one that I would really like to get to one day. Looking forward to the other reports.

  6. Ian has been working on that Peninsular set up off and on for years- and it keeps getting better. As usual I didn't see many of the games. I'm astonished to say I missed Crecy entirely though did talk to Ian. Also saw a decent Borodino- or part thereof to be precise but being at work and having about about half a zillion chaps wanting to bend your ear means that games do get missed. Still a good day had by all

  7. The 40mm Peninsular War set-up is truly inspiring - I saw it in the flesh at Salute a couple of years ago. The French Blockhouse is a superb piece.

  8. Thanks for the vicarious visit for those of us elsewhere.

  9. Great to see you as always Colin and can't wait to see pics of the new Wargames Room !

    1. As it was to see you Ian. I too can't wait for my new manage. Might make it I to a movie room as well after our chat. And you would always be welcome to come up for a game if you didn't mind using shiney figures. 😂

    2. Shiny figures were my life for thirty years Colin - we could call it a homage to my youth !

  10. Superb photos Colin. Thanks for sharing. I attended the May show and thought it fantastic. Sorry I missed the August show. Knocks Salute into a cocked hat IMHO,

  11. Great pics there Colin, thanks for sharing, plenty of inspiration!