Wednesday 27 December 2017

Military Uniforms in the Netherlands 1752-1800

As the title suggests this volume covers the period from the middle of the 18th Century until the very beginning of the 19th. In English, it is copiously illustrated throughout in colour, from both the Jassenboeke (the Military Coats book) and the drawings of Duncan Macalester Loup. Of particular interest to me is the information relating to the Dutch army at the time of the War of the 1st Coalition against Revolutionary France and then that of the army of the Batavian Republic, primarily engaged in fighting the English and Russians in North Holland in 1799. Every corps and regiment in the Dutch/Batavian armies seems to be covered, the only thing lacking being information on the flags carried by the army of prior to the creation of the Batavian Republic. (However, I have that in hand thanks to my friend Jan of the Alde Garde Wargamers in the Netherlands). The book is a little pricey at €68 but it is (a) a must for anyone interested in this period in history, and (b) it is gorgeous. It can be purchased on line from the Dutch Army Museum website.


  1. Agreed. A fascinating title. My only criticism is that I wish there were information on the various standards carried by the regiments of the period covered. It seems very difficult to scare up that sort of thing elsewhere.

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  2. A little rich for me at €68 so I will pass on that, I can always browse yours I hope later in the year...

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