Sunday 31 December 2017

New Years Eve additions

A few last minute additions in the shape of a battalion of French Emigres and four 'units' of Vendean rebels/Royalist counter revolutionaries depending on what floats your boat. The Emigres are from a new range from Victorious Miniatures, while the Vendee 'mobs' are a mixture of Trent and Foundry. Flags by Flag Dude. I have just sourced a suitable flag for the emigre regiment, the Loyal Emigrants, which I shall sort out this coming week. I only did the bases and supplied the flags as the figures were painted for me by my mate Barry.

Happy New Year!


  1. Fine additions to end the year Colin.

  2. So tempting for me to play Vendée insurrection, and these splendid minis are superb! Happy new year Colin...

  3. I must say those are really rather nice. IIRC there were some scenarios in an old issue WS&S for the Vendee Insurrection, which I may just dig out and use as inspiration for some games.

    1. thanks Steve. Funnily enough I was just reading that very magazine last night.

  4. Very nice Colin.
    Holidaying in the Vendee and visiting some of the sites was great. They are still very independently minded and the maner in which the uprising was put down particulalry brutal.