Saturday 30 December 2017

Mollwitz tonight and the final game of 2017.

Peter asked to have a game over the weekend so I've chosen Mollwitz. Why? Well, I still had snow cloth and most of my Prussians on the table for post-battle repairs after Leuthen earlier this month as I hadn't had time or the energy to put them all away. Just as well as it turns out.

We will use Black Powder this evening as they're the set Peter is most used to, him being a very infrequent wargamer. It should also guarantee we get a result by the end of the evening. I've played Mollwitz a few times over the years, using both BP and Honours of War and its not always been a smooth ride by the Prussians to an historical outcome. The game is a (hopefully) finely-tuned balance between superior Prussian infantry facing decidedly uninspiring Austrian infantry, and numerically and qualitatively superior Austrian cavalry.

Terrain wise, apart from Mollwitz and a couple of other built up areas the cloth is completely open, on the basis that the roads, streams and marsh are all covered by deep snow and/or frozen solid.

I shall report back tomorrow.


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    1. thanks Jonathan. It should be be brief and bloody I reckon!

  2. A nice way to end 2017. Looking forward to the AAR.

  3. Have fun! Look forward to the AAR.

  4. Looking forward to the pictures and game report.