Monday 11 December 2017

New FRW additions to the ranks.

I've spent a fair bit of time tidying up and getting ready for 'the move' recently. In doing so I 'found' or rediscovered these two infantry battalions which I have finished basing today. The figures are the old Foundry/Casting Room Miniatures FRW/Early Napoleonic Austrians purchased in one of their sales events ages ago, then painted and based but not finished. Well here they are.  A battalion each of as yet unnamed 'German' and 'Hungarian' infantry with glorious flags by Adolfo Ramos.

Next is a regiment of emigre hussars painted for me by my mate Shaun Bryant. They are Elite Miniatures Austrian FRW hussars painted up as the Beon Legion. Very nice they are too.


  1. That was a good find - they look great.

  2. Always liked the casquet worn by the early Austrian armies. Very nice all round.

  3. It does make me wonder what other 'finds' you may come across in your imminent move!