Sunday 24 December 2017

My Armies.

I have added another page to this blog (see above) entitled 'Fall In!!! - My Armies'. I plan to list the component units of each army within my collection, well once I've worked out how to link each entry to a full inventory or active units, i.e. fit to take to the table. I have almost scared myself silly putting just the basic list together, even if I have just sold all my ACW figures their passing hasn't made much of an impact on the troops' numbers! Eeek! 


  1. I never regret selling painted armies once I've made the decision to sell them.


  2. To get to that place Jim one has to make the decision to sell. Mind you I had no real love �� for my ACW collection if I am honest and I got a very good price to reinvest in something new for 2018, like......

  3. I reckon that that's probably a good type of scare to have, it show the years of commitment you've had to the hobby.
    Have a good Xmas.

  4. You sold your ACW? The one true period, oh for shame. But, I’m speechless at the sheer quantity remaining.

    1. Thanak David. I used to love ACW but lost the love a few years ago so they had to go. They were only sold as I managed to get rid of the entire collection to a mate in Switzerland. 32+ inf btns 7 cav plus guns generals and lots of extras. Merry Xmas my friend and K says hello