Sunday 8 September 2019

Monthly progress July and August 2019

It’s actually been a while since I updated the progress log of figures completed. I’ve been busy with, well, completing figures, some big games and the normal pleasures of being a gentleman of leisure so technically I didn’t actually accomplish very much in July and August apart from a furious basing frenzy thanks to the good weather and an expedition into the caverns under my table.

Based up or re-based, already painted:
24 Ottoman cavalry (Dellis)
24 Ottoman Tufceci infantry
9 Imperial Cuirassier

9 battalions of SYW infantry (English, Hanoverian, Hessen-Kassel, Brunswick)
9 cavalry regiments (Hanoverian, Brunswick, Hessen-Kassel)
6 Battalions 18thC French (42 figs each)
6 battalions WAS/SYW Spanish ( 42 figs each)
2 regiments Spanish Horse (12 each)

5 battalions French Revolutionary Wars Prussians (24 each)
1 regiment French Revolutionary Wars Polish Legion cavalry (12)

Completed from scratch:
1 Sikh Artillery battery (16 figures, 3 cannon)
1 Dooli bearer set
1 battalion Sikh Wars Gurkhas 20 figures

Games : 4
Shows: 1

I wonder what September will bring? I might even make a start on my new project, but I also have the game at Battleground in Stockton to complete the preparation for.


  1. That's somewhat more than I've managed, by a country mile!

  2. Fantastic output for what should be Summer holiday time. You should be pleased, young man.