Sunday 22 September 2019

This book was another that I was really looking forward to reading, especially as I own a sizeable Reichsarmee contingent as part of my Seven Years War collection. Yet again Helion and Co have hit a niche area of interest right on the head with this latest offering in their Reason to Revolution series, in the shape of an updated edition of 'Zweybrucken in Command, the Reichsarmée in the Campaign of 1758', by Neil Cogswell. I say updated as I think I've seen an earlier edition/version of this book somewhere but of inferior production quality. This edition is however outstanding. Little is written in English about the campaigns of the Reichsarmee during the Seven Years War, and probably even less is understood about their role against Prussia and her Allies beyond being a bit of a liability and getting badly beaten at Rossbach. The book is a translation of contemporary correspondence and provides a wonderfully evocative insight of the Reichsarmée’s 1758 campaign. As one expects from Helion the book is lavishly illustrated with many contemporary black and white pictures, some useful maps and several pages of lovely colour illustrations. Two pages illustrate flags carried by various contingents of the Reichsarmee but the remainder are reproductions of some charming contemporary colour paintings depicting soldiers from different units. Overall a splendid new release from Helion and a highly recommended one too.


  1. thank you for the review Colin. I have just now purchased a copy, and it will give some background to my own 28mm Reichsarmee in its difficult struggles with Prussians and Hanoverians owned by my mates her in South Australia.
    I hope all is well with you we have not spoken for a while but I still follow your blog with great interest.

  2. That's gone of my birthday list as I've fielded the Reichsarmee a couple of times. They were soundly beaten but great fun to play.

  3. I too have Reichsarmee troops in my collection. The book sounds fascinating,thanks for the mention.