Tuesday 10 September 2019

Tanaka 1587. Japan’s Greatest Unknown Samurai Battle

This is the second in Helion and Co’s new ‘Retinue to Regiment’ series, following hard on the heels of the Richard III book. In a word this new book by world renowned author Stephen Turnbull is outstanding! Yet again Dr Turnbull demonstrates his depth of knowledge and understanding of Japanese military history in the age of the Samurai. The tale of the siege of Tanaka was not well known until quite recent times but it is now one of the best documented episodes of 16thC Japanese warfare. The book gives us a detailed background to the siege and the military and political events leading up to it and the heroic defence to the last man of the castle. It just oozes Samurai on every page. As one has come to expect in books by this author, the highly readable and authoritative text is supported by copious numbers of beautiful contemporary illustrations, excellent modern photos and informative maps. A genuine masterpiece of a book on a little known but now well documented and understood episode in the tempestuous history of the Samurai. As you might tell, I did rather enjoy it, but I am NOT going to go down the Samurai road again for a wargames project. EVER!


  1. Turnbull is a prolific author for this period. This looks like one to add to the library, for sure.

    1. Yes it does!
      Likewise I can't see myself gaming this period, though I'd love to, there seem to be no rules which really reflect this period which aren't skirmishes.