Sunday 8 September 2019

The void under the table yields up more treasures.

In a final flurry of basing, sanding, flocking and so forth five more regiments of WAS/SYW cavalry have been issued with their standards and are about to march off to barracks. All that's left from the treasure trove is one large regiment of WAS/SYW Saxon chevau legere, Graf Rutowski. They will  be finished in a day or two.

All five squadrons on parade with their new colours 

HM 6th Regiment of Dragoons

HM 10th Regiment of Dragoons

Hanoverian Breitenbach Dragoons - a double  sized regiment as they had four squadrons.

Hanoverian Horse Greandier Garde. I picked these up off eBay years ago for twenty quid or something silly.
I now need to spend time today setting the table for a game with John tomorrow evening.


  1. Very nice Colin. I do like the Horse Grenadiers.

    1. They're great but far too nice to fit in with my efforts. EBay bargain though.

  2. It's like the TARDIS under your table!