Tuesday 12 January 2021

Best laid plans.....and some new units


Well, I was supposed to be hosting a game via YouTube and Skype on Saturday but the internet was absolutely pants for some reason (everyone on at the same time getting upgrades to their iPhones is one theory). So for whatever reason the streaming signal was too weak and unreliable so that was that. 

Before the game, I’d finished this tiny unit for my 1812 collection. They represent the Boston Hussars, one of the ‘smarter’ militia units, but I doubt they wore these fancy uniforms for long, if at all on campaign. But they add a bit of colour so why not?

With lots of the aforesaid unplanned free time on Saturday I went into painting mode and between then and today, began and completed the two units of US militia for my 1812 project (see top of this post). I also managed another section of US artillery, this time equipped with 18pdrs, and yet another American command base, not that I need any more.

During Saturday’s tea time Virtual Wargames Club meeting I was asked why my commanders are not only on different sizes round bases, but some are on oval or even irregular shaped ones. I answered that it was to help players relying on camera views to see the tabletop so they could differentiate between the CinC and other commanders. ( Thinking quickly I’d totally made this up, and what is a very plausible explanation). Of course there is no logical reason why I have different bases but actually this is one very good reason why I do which I shall s adopt. I had a few listeners believing me too.

This week I plan to finish the 30 or so Native Americans/First Nations figures for the 1812 project. I’d also like to make some progress on the limbers for my Royal Artillery on campaign in N America, assuming my ailing back improves significantly.


  1. Some very nice additions to the 1812-15 collection. Full marks for the off the cuff solution to the differing bases!

  2. Shame about your poor signal quality and it stopping your planned game. With a full household here and intermittent signal strength, I doubt it would work very well:(. Lovely additional units by the way:)

  3. Very nice toys Colin...

    I do like the small but colourful units that get created in the War of 1812... in fact in most of Americans 18th/19th century armies.

    All the best. Aly