Monday 4 January 2021

More War of 1812 stuff: Glengarry Light Infantry and a bunch of commanders.

This morning’s snow has all washed away and our four cats have yet misbehaved in 2021, so a fair start to the year. I seem to have three things on the go at the moment; War of 1812, 1/72nd Scale plastic Brandenburgers for the early 18thC, and my new 2021 Project ( the only one that was planned) Late Romans.

All I’ve finished since the last post are the following to add to the revamped and expanded War of 1812 collection. 

Three stands of British generals. 

Royal Artillery. Section each of 9pdr, 5.5” howitzer and 24pdr.

My US commanders .

The American commander in chief, Maj General Jacob Brown.

Two US brigade commanders. The one on the left will be Brig Winfield Scott.

Lt. General Gordon Drummond.

Another as yet unnamed US (Militia) brigade commander.

Major General Phineas Riall

Glengarry Light Infantry.

Glengarry’s again. I have some more figures to do in skirmish order as needed. These are  Perry plastic 95th rifles, bought off a friend who’d painted them as a KGL battalion for Waterloo, so I just mixed up the trouser colours a bit so they’d do as the GLI. 

That’s all for now. 


  1. Grand additions there Colin!

  2. 1/72 Brandenburgers Colin?? I look forward to seeing these. Happy New Year and keep on painting.

  3. These look wonderful Colin. Your marvellous painting and arrangement on the bases really brings them to life. I especially like the way the officers look 'busy' on the command stands!
    Regards, James