Friday 1 January 2021

Christmas and New Year holiday odds and ends and the War of 1812

Well, Christmas in the Burrow is over, the New Year is here, the tree is back in the garage and the gifts are on eBay (NO they are not I hasten to add, neither the tree nor the gifts 😜). Despite having a much more relaxed and informal time than what used to be normal, I didn’t get much time to paint over the last days of 2020, but some progress was still made and a couple of units brought up to strength and/or rebased. 

Canadian Regiment of Voltigeurs. Rebased.

The Voltigeurs again. I bought these painted off my mate Mark in Adelaide. I’ve since  completed another dozen to bring the unit up to strength.

US Regiment of Riflemen. It could be any as there were ultimately four regiments but I believe the 1st saw most of the action. Again I bought a dozen of these painted off Mark, but I finished another 12 and rebased the whole lot.

The US Rifles again.

....and again.

I’ve also almost finished reorganising my War of 1812 collection after the game last week. I’ve a couple of battalions each of Canadian Militia (3), British Regulars (2) and US Militia (5) to finish, plus some artillery for both sides, including a Royal Marine rocket section, a few Native Americans and some more commanders. A couple of the British/Canadian infantry units need re-flagging. Although none of the rules I would ever contemplate using utilise figures removal and/or use the number of figures to calculate shooting/hand to hand, I’m going for variable-sized units on a figure to men ratio of 1:10 or maybe 1:15, as I don’t want to loose some of the tiny units that played a part   in most of the battles. My orders of battle will be loosely based on those for both armies during the Niagara campaign of 1814  for  example Lundy’s Lane, “loosely” being the operative word here.

That’s it for now. More to follow. I hope everyone has a great 2021, hopefully better than 2020.


  1. These look fantastic Colin. Happy New Year and enjoy that new day!

  2. I hope you and your family have a splendid New Year and 2021 Colin.
    Its great to see my old lads recruited to full strength for overseas service at "The Burrow". Well done1
    Look forward to seeing you and the other Burrowers around the table soon.

  3. Nice looking bases there Colin! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  4. Happy New Year! Looking forward to more of your excellent AARs this year:)

  5. Its been quite a year Colin, but it clearly didnt hold you back. So well done and thanks for the lovely gift and card. We will get that Italian Wars game soon.

  6. Keep up all your amazing good work Colin, keeping us constantly entertained by goings on in the dale (well Burrow nowadays!) thanks for everything you do and hope you have an enjoyable and healthier 2021.