Monday 10 December 2018

Banners of the King. Vendee Levee

This weekend I completed, from start to finish, about 20-odd assorted figures for my Vendee collection. While I was working out if I had enough melee-armed bases and musket-armed bases I thought I'd take a few snapshots of the entire Catholic and Royal Army. I think I have 54 bases of close order mob (50:50 musket or pitchfork/pike) which is just over 200 figures, 19 skirmish bases (around 60 figures), 10 mounted figures, plus several command bases. The castings themselves are mainly Trent, with the balance made up of Foundry and Casting Room Miniatures with a few Gringo Italian banditti thrown in for good measure. All I need to do is find a couple of cannon for the gun crews and add some wagons and maybe another vignette or two. I do have another 20 or so figures left to paint but I guess there's no rush. The figures were mostly painted by me, with help from my mate Barry and if I remember correctly, Northumbria Painting Services. I did all the basing.

The wonderful flags are all by The Flag Dude via Trent Miniatures. I understand that The Flag Dude is no longer trading; certainly he was expected as Crisis but was a no show.  I very much doubt whether they would carry such an array of banners into battle but they do look rather nice. I deliberately tried to make the best of the sun coming in through the skylights of the Burrow to add to the effect. Not entirely sure but the troops have disbanded and gone back into their boxes, er back to their villages and farms to prepare for the Revolutionary hoards.


  1. Impressive flags above beautiful units, what's not to like?

  2. Thats quite an array of rebels Colin. I particularly like the standards, its a shame they are going out of business.

    1. Thanks Robbie. Rick (Flag Dude) wasn't the most reliable; it took me a year to get my last order back in 2017! I got the Vendee ones off Duncan MacFarlene and between me and a French guy cleaned him out at Crisis this year.