Sunday 2 December 2018

New Cossacks for Suvorov's army.

I saw these and thought I must buy some. I already have a few units of Gennady's 1799 Russians so a few more Cossacks seemed a good idea. I ordered a couple of sets just over a week ago and they arrived all the way from St Petersburg on Saturday. The price? €7 for a set of three really nice figures. When they're painted I shall post some pictures.

Of course there were several thousand Cossacks with Suvorov's army in Italy in 1799, but there were also a few thousand more with Korsakov in Switzerland and several hundred took part in the Helder campaign. They'll do for just about anywhere within a pretty wide time frame.

This is a link to his blog.


  1. These are nice looking figures. When these Cossacks were first brought to my attention, I thought they were 18mm figures. For 28s, the cost is reasonable.

  2. These are really nice looking Sculpts Colin - thanks for the link to the website, and I agree seven euro's seems very cheap for three cavalry figures these days!