Saturday 1 December 2018


A few figures that have been based up this week. Firstly a battalion of Batavian Jager for my 1799 Helder Campaign in the making.  They're actually Perry Confederation of the the Rhine Germans but they do the job well enough. They're followed by a few (?) more Chouan irregulars for my still on going Vendee campaign (I must get back to it). I probably ought to put some hedges and stuff on the skirmish bases but at least they're table top ready. The figures are a mix of Foundry,  Trent and a few Gringo 40 Italian Banditti. They work well together.

I've got a refight of Leutjn 5 Dec 1757 on Wednesday and need to tidy up after the Battleground show. Urgh.

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  1. Very nice basing on these Colin - I hope to see them in action soon