Tuesday 11 December 2018

Revolutionary Armies Austrian infantry

Latest out of the basing department are two battalions of French Revolutionary Wars Austrian infantry produced by "Revolutionary Armies" at http://emperortoadsemporium.com . I signed up to their Kickstarter for the three battalion deal (24 figs each plus some firing line), which enabled me to produce two battalions at my preferred size of 32 figures each. I think the castings really quite the bee's knees. They fit in well with the rest of my collection, but can they fight? The figures were painted by Barry and based by me. Flags are from Adolfo Ramos.


  1. Superb painting and basing, French troops have work to defeat each of these beautiful Austrian units now...

  2. A pair of fine additions to your collection.

  3. Lovely looking figures. Let's hope they do well on the table.

  4. Didn't like the figures myself Colin, too thin for my tastes. I can barely keep up with your output of late!

    1. I think they're quite elegant, but I guess they're another example of Marmite in war gaming. ;-)

  5. Very nice Colin, I do like a nice kasket!
    Do they fit with CT/Mindens?