Tuesday 4 December 2018

Leuthen tomorrow

December 5th is the 261st anniversary of one of Frederick the Great’s truly stunning victories against the Hapsburg. I’ve refought this battle on countless occasions and the honours are currently 7 - 3 in favour of the Austrians. Even when commanded by Der Alte Fritz himself (Jim Purkey) a couple of years ago the Prussians took a hammering.

So, the table is set for my version of the battle, the troops are mustering, briefing notes have been drawn up and the day approaches.  I might even decide to play this time! 


  1. Great looking table and I had a lot of fun playing the game. The second game players seemed to have cracked the code for defeating the Austrians so maybe this time the Prussians will fare better.

    1. Thanks Jim, I hope so, unless I play as an Austrian in which case, c'est la guerre!

  2. Lovely looking game and eagerly anticipating the AAR:)

  3. Lovely bleak looking terrain Colin... with the weather we are promised you should leave the door open to get a greater sense of realism...;-)

    All the best. Aly

  4. Great looking table Colin and isn't that the joy of wargaming - you can refight the same historical battle over and over, yet get different results each time - if we just recreated what ACTUALLY happened, it would not be very interesting would it? Its already 735pm of 5 Dec here in NZ so look forward to reading your dispatches on the action tomorrow!

  5. get into the battle Colin! take up your sword and push some figures around its good for the soul...

  6. Fine looking set up, Colin. I await the battle report of your glorious victory!

  7. A fine looking game, as I'd expect of course. Hope it's going well.