Sunday 30 December 2018

More late 17th Century troops to fight the Turk In the Morea

Two more hastily painted units were completed (from scratch apart from glueing and priming) over the weekend. The lead mountain is shrinking perceptibly, and I have also had a big clear out on Ebay, with more to follow.

A regiment of Swiss in Venetian service (Dixon Minis)
A Papal regiment (Reiver Castings)
The uniforms are largely conjectural but there was a Swiss regiment in the Venetian army in the late 17thC (Stockhardt), to which the flags belong. The troops of the Papacy are a mystery but they did seem to wear white with different coloured cuffs etc. Either way, thats another 50 odd figures painted over the Christmas holidays.

Once I've summoned up the energy to do the bases I shall do a review before they all march off to the More in Greece.


  1. Superb work. I do love the old Dixons - most of my own stuff has those classic Dixon poses - full of character. Looking forward to seeing them in action.

  2. Splendid uniforms and wonderful work!

  3. Whose figs are you using for Turks ?

    1. I am going to cheat a little as I already have an Ottoman renaissance army. Not wholly accurate but I have some TAG musket armed non Janissary types. They will have to do. The whole Morea idea is just a way to get my late 17th C lead mountain painted ASAP.

  4. Knowing you Colin... this should be another grand and colourful affair...

    Have a prosperous and happy new year...

    All the best. Aly