Monday 24 December 2018

Late'ish 17th Century Savoyards

The four regiments in the top photo were completed (by me!) over the last week and a bit and now await their turn in the basing queue before they join their comrades to march east in the New Year to fight the heathen Turk in defence of the borders of Christendom. Not my best, but ok. I don't think Savoy sent any troops to help the Venetians during the latter's war against the Ottomans in Greece and Crete but they might have, and I had the figures and flags so there you go.  The 'uniforms' are conjectural, based on what we know what was worn in later in the 1680's. 

 I had previously completed two other regiments, and here they are. Quite a colourful little force.
I will do a regiment each of horse and dragoons and a couple of guns in the new year. I'm currently prepping a couple of Venetian regiments and have a Papal one on the painting desk half done. I already have several Luneberg-Celle regiments in the collection and these certainly did fight against the Turk in support of Venice.

Merry Christmas!