Thursday 19 March 2020

Hanoverian 14th Light Infantry Regt, French Revolutionary Wars

It’s day 2 of  “I’m a wargamer; I have a lead mountain to paint!”

The Hanoverian army of the 1790s boasted one light infantry regiment on its strength, the 14th.  That being the case I decided I just had to field the unit for the current Flanders campaign I’m running, and why not? The nearest I could find to a suitable figure (long coat tails, Corsican hat, etc) were the Victrix Austrian Napoleonic Landwehr, and as luck would have it I had a box under the table doing nothing.

The uniform is quite straightforward and looks rather nice I think. Most of the unit were armed with muskets (another reason why the Landwehr set work) but two companies, dressed in green rather than grey, were armed with rifles. I already have these so now they have a parent unit. I decided to start with the regiment in close order, especially as the Victrix figures don’t really lend themselves to depicting skirmishers. I’ve also given them a flag although they didn’t carry one. This one is for the 14th Regiment dated 1786, before they became light infantry. I think it looks ok and not out of place. I’m in the middle of putting together enough figures to make four bases of skirmishers using a mix of  pieces from the my collection of unused plastic Perry and Victrix Napoleonics. I expect to get these completed by the end of the week and based up over the weekend. I’m not a great fan of 28mm plastics but from a cost and quality point of view you can’t really knock them. I just keep remembering the months of my life I will never get back sticking together several different armies of Warhammer Fantasy figures back in the dim and sadly not too distant past.

Anyway, more coffee is required so I shall go and then get back to supervising the rearranging of furniture in the Burrow in order to accommodate another set of shelves for the ever growing library.

Keep well and keep painting.

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