Sunday 22 March 2020

Hussards de la Mort

Formerly RSM Seven Years War Prussian Hussars.  I decided I didn't need a hussar regiment of 36 figures in my Prussian SYW army so added a load more skulls to this dozen, tidied them up a bit, and hey presto! The unit was never especially large but in my universe it is. Must admit they look better this way than in their previous uniform.
They've already been in action in the FRW campaign and will be again very soon.


  1. very nice Colin, you just have to have a unit with this name.

    1. Thanks Phil. It also means they can die and/or run away with impunity!

  2. Well, run away I fully understand... Nice addition none the less.

  3. I loved it to see them at Marengo 20 years ago and they are really nice looking painted by you. What a great surprise!

  4. Very nice Colin, but you missed the opportunity to display your painting of the Hussarettes de la Morte in the alternative female-dominated universe ;-)
    Chris G