Monday 6 July 2020

A Secret Weapon - Italian Wars.....again.

Ages ago I did a search on t'internet to see if anyone made one of the kits shown below in 28mm. Well, someone in China did of course, so I had to buy one. This is long before I decided to pull my finger out and resurrect the Italian Wars project so it was a strange purchase, but now it will take centre stage within my Florentine contingent.

The 'tank with new light gun and crew alongside for scale.

Close up. I think I'll apply some Florentine decals to brighten it up. 

Florenrine mounted crossbows.

Weaternised Stradioti. These are Perry metal riders on Perry plastic horses from the WoR light cavalry set.

The Florentines again. Not photo shy this lot!

The 'tank' is not of course covered in the Pike and Shot rules but does get a mention in the new Furioso set. I've not played the latter yet, as I don't think they will lend themselves to a Skype game, so under Pike and Shot it will have the following characteristics:

Movement 2D6" (any double and it breaks down for 1D6 turns). Blunders as normal.
Shooting :- count as two light guns that can fire in any direction. They MUST shoot together even if they have different targets in order to maximise the chance of the catastrophic double 1 for cannon).
Melee :- One dice to allow for running people over, re-roll if a miss
Morale saves :- 2+
Stamina :- 3

If it looses a melee the tank must take a break test. If it fails it  is deemed to have been destroyed by enemy troops fighting their way inside or otherwise disabling it.

I also have a few more units that I've almost completed today which should appear tomorrow. They'd all been working their way through the production line system I use  when my painting mojo os running on overdrive like it is now, which is how I get through lots of figures quickly so there's lots of grassing and tufting to do once I've unstuck my fingers!


  1. Grand little addition there Colin.

  2. Awesome secret weapon...and beautiful cavalry!

  3. I love the da Vinci 'tank'.

    I used to have a quite expensive book of da Vinci's military inventions but I think I lent it out and haven't seen it since. Still, it was all fascinating stuff.