Friday 10 July 2020

Landsneckts - Warning Health and Safety Hazard!

Not the 96 promised as I was never any good at my 8xtables and above. Just 72 newly based Landsneckts, some bought painted and tidied up to fit in and the other half painted by  me. All basing my my fair hand. The figures are a right old mash up of Old Glory, Artisan, Casting Room Miniatures and even Warlord plastics. I liked pai ting the Casting Room figures the best. The plastics were the least fun. Flags by Pete's Flags. I will check over the bases again this weekend as the photos have revealed a few gaps or mistakes, as is always the case.

I guess I could split them into two units. Depends on the game, the rules and my mood.

Big French Revolutionary Wars game from the campaign in the morning. Using Skype again so go gets crossed the technology does it's job.


  1. Nice looking unit, I especially like the way you've done the front bases to make it easy to move the figures around without getting tangles up with other units / scenery. Cheers Greg (Delta Coy Blog)

  2. You don't see that protective basing often enough. Why did you chose not to include the front three ranks on the same base? Anyway, really effective looking unit. Very nice indeed.

  3. First class units of Landsneckts, wonderful and impressive!

  4. Bit of overkill there I think old chum! Enjoy the game!

  5. Splendid looking array of pike! I must say this period is so tempting.
    Best wishes,

  6. Looks suitably imposing. May I ask why you found the plastics "least fun"?

    1. Less definition, and sticking them together

  7. Very ‘stably’ indeed Colin...

    All the best. Aly