Wednesday 1 July 2020

Italian Wars reinforcements

Here are a few figures I completed today. First up some artillery.

These guns have been rebased and will join my generic artillery train.  

This is my third Spanish Colunella, again organised as a mixed unit if shot, pike and sword/buckles. I think they look good but can't take credit for the idea. TAG figures. Flags by Pete's Flags. I started this unit from scratch on Saturday and finished them today. The proportions of shot to pike and swordsmen is not right but unless I was to base the pike on a narrower frontage and have, say, 18 rather than 12 it would be closer. Either way, in Pike and Shot it just works as a large unit with a pike company together with the bonus in melee of having swordsmen in the unit. The effectiveness of the shot appears to have been good so will need some way to reflect this. 

I had two old Landsneckt command figures so based them to give my itinerant Landsneckt band a leader.

Today I made a start on 12 Spanish Jinettes, half a dozen more Stradiots (Westernised ones this time with stetsons and, if only) and some plastic pikemen to bulk up the Papal pike units a little, although having looked at my maths again I either don’t need them or need to do half a dozen more. Doh!  I’m also rebasing a unit of Florentine mounted crossbowmen.  Having done a quick inventory I’m actually a little light on mounted crossbows and to some extent mounted arquebusiers. I know I have at least a dozen of the former in the box of doom.....


  1. Lovely looking units Colin. Love the Spanish block.

  2. Cracking job, wonderful reinforcements!

  3. Splendid additions Colin. You'll need a Palazzo soon...😉