Tuesday 14 July 2020

Italian Wars Spanish light cavalry etc.

I finished these Spanish Jinettes (?) yesterday. I competed them from scratch starting on Friday last week.  The figures are all TAG. Flags are Pete's Flags and Adolfo Ramos.

The multi-barrelled gun was finished at the same time, crewed by three Hinchliffe gunners and a wounded  Casting Room Miniatures chap looking on. Again I've put the piece in  wiggly-edged base from To the Strongest purely because I have a couple left and all my other Italian Wars guns are on the service style of bases. Why not? I can’t even remember why I bought the in the first place.

On the work bench at the moment are six mounted arquebusier and six more gendarmes. I also have 96 Papal pikemen that need basing.  Two units of eight in six ranks should look good enough. I have a feeling that I may, just, have too many figures for this project as I still have  another two units of mounted crossbowmen, one of French pike, some more Swiss and a couple of dozen each of Gendarmes and other heavy cavalry. Plus Lord knows whatS lurking in the box of doom. Plenty to keep me busy. 


  1. I see you've given up sleeping and eating again Colin?😉
    Good additions to the ongoing project there.

  2. Superb cavalry and artillery!