Friday 17 July 2020

Paypal, er no, Papal Pikemen

I bought 72 of these figures already painted some time ago but decided to add to them to make two blocks of 48. I therefore made up 24 Perry plastic pikemen from their Medieval Mercenaries box and set about re/basing the lot on some 80mm x 80mm bases, two ranks of eight on the first base and four on the second. I’ve  not 100% settled on a rule set yet but regardless have decided that bigger bases save fingers and figures. I know that one of the sets I’m contemplating are Furioso and that they use base removal to record losses but there’s an easy way round that.

So here we have two blocks each of 48 Papal pike ( or four of 24 I guess?), completing the forces of Pope Julius II for the time being at least.


  1. These blocks are impressive sights!

  2. Hi. I have just come across your blog while thinking about putting an Italian Wars army together. Great stuff! Keep it coming.

  3. Very nice pike block(s) Colin.

  4. They look ferocious, nice work!

  5. Splendid Colin...
    They look really impressive and the standards set them off nicely.

    All the best. Aly