Wednesday 15 July 2020

Hope this isn’t getting boring. More Italian Wars figures

Hello. Today I completed another six figure unit of mercenary mounted arquebusiers for whichever side takes their fancy.
I don't like the firing figure but they can be made to look ok on a suitably sized base.
The figures are a mixture of Casting Room and TAG as I picked up the wrong pack (the TAG one) instead of another of CR figures!
The Man himself. Rex Harrison as Pope Julius II in the movie The Agony and the Ecstasy. 
My French CinC. He has a scary and more than passing resemblance to the comedian Noel Fielding! Urgh!
click here
Another Venetian command stand with my favourite of all Pete's flags. St George killing the dragon.
Another commander for the French army.

I'm still working on six gendarmes - nearly done. I'm also well on with basing up my Papal pikemen into two units each of 48 figures. I bought 72 of them ready painted but added a further 24 of my own to make up the numbers as I prefer 96 to 72. Lastly, I've almost done another artillery battery of two cannon.


  1. You are flying along there Colin.

  2. You are certainly in the painting groove and great to see loads of lovely units:).

  3. This is becoming quite a substantial collection Colin...
    It’s going to be an impressive parade when it is finished (although we all know nothing is finished)

    All the best. Aly

  4. Lovely figures and a terrible temptation to start (yet !) another project !

  5. Italian Wars are never boring! Keep them coming! Lovely paint job.

  6. Never bored of seeing Italian Wars figures. Great collection!