Wednesday 24 November 2021

Late Roman Campaign #3

I thought I would continue with what I started the other week and reproduce the next edition of the Asienus Gladiator, the periodical of Asienus Province, which doubles as the journal of the Late Roman v the Ostro/Visigoths v Huns v more Late Romans campaign I’m running at the moment. It represents the only general feedback the players receive about the wider going’s on in the province; even the silly adverts might have a hidden meaning for those who wish to interpret them that way or can understand my twisted mind!

So here is the second issue of the now fortnightly’ish periodical (brought to you as ever by our sponsors Brutus Bastardus Life Assurance). Click on each image to embiggen them.

We have a run of two or maybe three games to play before moving on to T4 in the campaign. There will no doubt be enough material for a bumper edition!

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