Friday 6 April 2018

A few more 1806 Prussians

The last offering this week is a 12 figure unit of Prussian Cuirassiers together with an assortment of battalion guns.
Four battalion gun sections. One (crewed by Grenadiers, 2nd right) is from Foundry/Casting Room 1806 range while the smaller figures are also Foundry, from their Early Prussian range with the infantry and artillery in the silly little hats for the 1792'ish period of the Revolution. (Valmy, etc)

I've not yet worked out how I will deploy the guns in a game, but I will probably attach one to each infantry brigade as a visual reminder that each battalion has battalions guns attached, which in Black Powder gives them an extra firing dice (Well thats what I do anyway). Or, I could still attach them to each brigade and give each cannon stats of 1/1/0 and a range of 24" and don't give the infantry units the extra firing dice, which on thinking about it might make them too tough.
Prussian KR No. 7

The cuirassier regiment was painted by my friend Barry. I'm sure he will be glad to read that I have just ordered some extra cuirassier figures off Elite to bring this regiment and the one featured yesterday up to 30 figures, in five squadrons of six. The flags are by Adolfo Ramos (€6.20 each fully assembled) and the basing is by me.

I am going to start basing my large (36) Dragoon regiment this afternoon/evening so they ought to make an appearance by the end of the weekend.


  1. Am I stuck in a wargamers equivalent of Groundhog Day? Can’t keep up with this!

    1. Not really David. Basing department is working hard to complete every painted and yet unbased figure I have, some going back three years! It’ll mean I can get my 1806 Prussians and the Sikh Wars table-ready.