Saturday 14 April 2018

More Prussian Infantry for 1806

I wasn't able to post anything on Thursday or Friday as it was my 60th birthday and what with a big family lunch in our local (100 yards away) wine bar cum restaurant (The Vine, Middlesbrough, good food and they have some fantastic craft beers and gins behind the bar!), and a surprise romantic evening away I was otherwise occupied. However, all is back to normal now and I finished basing these two Prussian battalions this morning. The figures are from FGMiniz (Forgotten and Glorious Miniatures) and they were painted by Rob and Michelle of Northumbrian Painting Services a while ago.
I.R. No 40 'Schimonsky'

I.R. No 45 'Zweiffel'

I.R. No 40 again
I love this (currently unavailable) range except for the muskets and bayonets which are very, and I mean very fragile. I've had quite a few casualties but so far I'm keeping up with the repairs!

The flags are again off Adolfo Ramos.

Next on the painting desk is a battery of Saxon 12 pounders and two more Prussian infantry battalions are in line for basing.