Monday 2 April 2018

New Scots for Flanders and Holland

The latest troops to be completed and have their bases done before marching off to barracks are my replacement Scots Highlander battalions for Flanders in 1793/4 and Holland in 1799. The Highland regiments replaced their kilts with plain white trousers and gaiters in both these campaigns and I believe did the same in West Indies. These figures are by Victorious Miniatures and are very nice castings. Both these battalions are of 32 figures so under Black Powder I shall class them as 'large'.
HM 79th Highlanders
HM 92nd Highlanders
 Now its back to doing the bases for my Prussians. Urgh!


  1. The Highlanders that fought at New Orleans in 1814/15 wore tartan-patterned trews. Not sure if these were ever worn by other regiments or at any other time, though. In any case, the figures look great!

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

    1. Thanks Chris. Tartan trews weren’t worn by either of these battalions in the FRW. It may appear odd but iirc they also swapped kilts for white trousers when in the W Indies.

  2. your basing and painting efforts of late are bordering on the heroic!
    Well done.