Wednesday 4 April 2018

Prussian Fusilier brigade 1806

Out of the basing production line this morning are three battalions of Prussian Fusiliers, which make  up the Fusilier Brigade in my 1806 Prussian Army. One battalion are Foundry/Casting Room (to the front in red facings) and the other two are from Three Armies. Actually I couldn’t sleep last night so was in the man cave at 1:30pm applying tufts to their bases.

Prussian Fusiliers were distinguished by four diffferent facing colours, Red, Black, green and light blue. I have three of those here, but the fourth (green) can be seen on one of the skirmishers bases that form part of the brigade.

Anyway, here they are in all their splendour.

What shall I do next?


  1. These are superb Colin. I would love to see a few Prussian Cuirassiers next mate.

    1. Carlo, your wish is my command! I will rejig the basing queue.

      There are some on a post from last week but only a single squadron.

  2. A splendid addition Colin.