Tuesday 3 April 2018

Prussian Artillery 1806

My first battery of Prussian artillery is now complete. This one represents an eight-gun 6pdr foot battery. The figures are again old Foundry/Casting Room and the cannon are Elite. I have two further batteries, one of 12pdrs and one horse battery of 6pdrs, plus a few battalion guns (in theory one for each brigade).

Andy Copestake made a comment on his blog regarding people moaning about painting horses. I agree  with him; horses are easy but cannon and the assorted paraphernalia are what I hate the most. I will not be buying limbers for this battery or indeed any of the others as I plan to press gang my Seven Years War Prussian limbers into service.

What they would have looked like in 1806 if photography had been invented.

I'm presently working on the basing of my Fusilier Brigade of three battalions and expect to have them finished sometime tomorrow. 

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