Thursday 5 April 2018

Prussian Cuirassiers 1806 (just for Carlo)

Pictured here is a regiment of 24 Prussian cuirassiers for my 1806 project. These are Elite Miniatures and I think they look great. I've said before that Elite Minis are a bit like Marmite, Sprouts or Broccoli, you either love 'em or hate 'em. Well, I like all three!

 KR No. 11 Leibkarabiniers 

I have another squadron of 12 in the basing queue, as well as 36 Dragoons. Maybe I'll get them done over the weekend, but I want to get the infantry and the remaining artillery based up asap. I REALLY ought to bring all my Prussian Cuirassier regiments up to at least 30 figures so they can be deployed as five squadrons of six figures should I wish to. That will work out a little pricey at the moment as I would need another 24 Elite figures and 18 Foundry for KR No. 2. Its my birthday soon so.......


  1. These look terrific! I agree with your assessment of Elite. I like them.

  2. Now that is a wonderful collection of heavies Colin. Thanks for the post mate.