Wednesday 11 April 2018

Prussians and Saxons 1806

The basing department has been busy again and managed to complete two battalions of Prussian combined grenadiers and a battery of Saxon horse artillery.
Two grenadier battalions, painted for me by Rob and Cheryl of Northumbrian Painting Services.  Bases by me. The figures are Forgotten and Glorious Miniatures (FGMiniz) from France. I think they are fantastic except for the crappy bayonets, many of which have detached themselves during the painting process and no doubt will do so again when being used.
There's a bit of a story with these figures which are currently unavailable. Early last year or maybe even the year before FGMiniz posted on their FB page to advertise a massive sale on their 1806 Prussians; I think it was something like 50% off or slightly more. Anyway, the infantry worked out at around the 50p mark or slightly less each. So I put in a massive order of course, never before having the slightest inkling that I wanted a Prussian Army for 1806. Why doesn't that surprise me?

Foundry or Casting Room Miniatures horse artillery from their early Saxon range.  I can't remember what make the cannon are but they are examples of their rapid-firing 4pdr. Figures painted by my mate Barry of the Like a Stone Wall group. Bases by me.

I have some more Prussian infantry to base which I shall get cracking on this evening. I might even start a unit of something to break up the monotony of sanding, grassing and tufting.


  1. Lovely figures, what a great looking army!

  2. Yet another lovely looking bunch of battalions:)

  3. These are quite beautiful Colin.

  4. Fine effort! Happy Birthday 🎁

  5. Fabulous looking figures; beautifully painted!
    Gotta get these items while they are available, hey?!

  6. I am very envious of your basing prowess