Wednesday 21 October 2020

3D printer test runs


I blame the virus and lockdown but I’ve just bought a 3D printer. Why? A displacement activity of some form? I don’t have a clue beyond an idea that I can print out some bits for my Vauban fortress and maybe some 19th century ships or even ancient or renaissance galleys.

So here we are. The big one is a galliot in 1/600 I think. Not bad and should do the job once painted and sails etc added.  The silly round thing is an 1880’s Russian coastal defence battleship, the Admiral Popov. I’ve found where I can acquire 19thC .stl files for late 19thC Turks and Russians so that might generate some fun games. 

Back to normal stuff soon. 


  1. Displacement activity indeed hope it goes well and you get some fun/use from it 👍

  2. I'd love a 3D printer, I'm sure you'll find stacks of other things to print that you never knew you needed.

  3. Too much time on your hands, the enemy of every wargamer of a certain age! Still, no doubt you will find some use for the new toy!

  4. Most interesting, I look forward to seeing what you will create. The admiral popov is a wonder to behold.