Thursday 1 October 2020

Italian Wars Rematch, half time replacements

I've managed to complete a few items so far this week, and I might just get another two or three done by the end of the weekend. While I know I now have more than enough figures for this collection I seem to have a couple of hundred left to paint. No surprises there then, eh? 

A new commander for my Papal contingent. Both figures are from Mirliton and the officer in particular is rather nice I reckon. Pete's Flags flag.

A rather odd unit of Florentine heavy infantry militia. Heavily armed and armoured they are but I do wonder about the practicalities of carrying a large shield when armed with halyards and poleaxes! These are almost all Perry metals, with a couple of Perry plastic European Infantry box set pikemen and three or four TAG drummers and an officer or two. The flags are from Flags of War.

These French mounted crossbowmen are from Venexia (Lancashire Games). The riders are nice but the horses are a bit spindly. Being French I don't suppose they will linger on the table very long. Pete's Flag flag again.

Thats it for now. I'm playing the second half of the game started last Saturday tomorrow which should be fun. We shall see......


  1. Very grand additions there Colin. I expect the other 200 are done by now!

  2. Lovely toys Colin...
    You have remarkable output...

    All the best. Aly

  3. Harsh call on the French "lingering" :)

    More great work to play with.


  4. This dude takes on the problem of the large shield with a two handed arms in this video.
    I am off the opinion that they would wear them tell the got into contact. And swing it to their backs or sides if needed.

    1. In theory plausible but he might become seriously unbalanced. But who knows. Thanks for the link though. Interesting