Friday 16 October 2020

Saturday’s Game all set

 A quick post to set the scene for the game tomorrow. Another Italian Wars scenario between the Swiss and French, very loosely based on the Battle of Novara on 16 June 1513. Check here for more info.

The Swiss left, 6000 men in three blocks, supported by a couple of light guns. Around 160 figures in all.

The French right was held by 6000 German Landsneckts in two massive blocks and one smaller one. They have two cannon in attendance.

The French left, lightly held by around 1000 assorted Stradiots and other light cavalry. They’re only facing a smallish Swiss pike block and some Milanese Gendarmes so they should survive a little while. Beyond them is the French baggage train, and beyond that a village with the main French camp and lots of Gendarmes and Gascon crossbowmen.There are Swiss crossbowmen in the woods to the left of the village.

It should be an interesting game. I hope so anyway.

PS the city isn’t actually there and plays no part in the game. I just haven’t finished it so wanted to leave it out as a work in progress, not that I know where it’s going to be stored of course!

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  1. A lovely looking game as always and hope you have fun playing it.