Monday 26 October 2020

Italian Renaissance civilians

 Here are the rest of my Eureka Italian Renaissance civilians ready to populate my city or even the odd tabletop battlefield.

The lovers meet.

Some ruffians and thieves

The duelists. The gentlemen and ladies look on.

More hired thugs and thieves.

The figures are all from Eureka and come as a full set or as smaller themed groups. They're mostly done with contrast paints to start, but I like to mix and match as the mood takes me and add a bit of highlighting. Given that I always put a thin wash over them anyway before highlighting and so                    forth and hitting the varnish it is probably a waste of time but sometimes it adds something to the odd figures. I've put them on clear bases but probably should have clipped off all the cast on figure base before sticking them down. I decided against this as I didn't want to risk wrecking any figures or especially their feet.


  1. Great job on these figures with typical clothing of the period...👍

  2. Those civilians are not being overly civil! They look beaut though!
    Regards, James

  3. It looks a great range Colin which is to be expected. Ive started giving my figures a wash of contrast paint and then going over the highlights. It seems to work on figures that are deeply scored and possessing loads of detail. Still, they look a great set, which ones are the Orsini?

  4. I like the way you've done those Colin!