Saturday 10 October 2020

Camping in Lombardy

 I found some resin tents recently so decided to throw together a couple of camps for my Italian Wars armies. The top two photos are of my French camp, while the others are of my Papal camp. All the flags are fixed onto brass tube so can be replaced easily with others if required. Most of the figures are Mirliton or TAG. Flags are Pete’s Flags.

They’ll do, especially if I need anything to be pillaged by roving Stradiots or, well, anyone else really.


  1. Very nice Colin and neat idea to have the flags replaceable.

  2. Nice additions there Colin! Hope the hospital visits went well.

  3. Wow! Those tents are almost more superb than the figures. What a brilliant scene.
    Regards, James

  4. They look fantastic Colin. As I once owned a repro Burgundian tent in my re-enactment days may make a suggestion? Give them some guy ropes; one reasonable gust of wind and these things take off! Also some finials on the tent poles would finish them off a treat. ;-)